We carry out a tailored needs assessment. We identify the requirements of the elderly person and create a successful HomeShare match. For our Seniors, Volunteers and Students, you can expect the following steps before engaging:

#1  Read our website to become familiar with H2O.
It is very important to read our website to understand H2O and what it is about us that motivates you to engage with us.


#2  Register with us.
Fill out the registration form. Please make sure the information you provide us is correct and up to date as this helps us with the matching process.

#3  You will be contacted for a face to face interview.
We require a police records check from all of our applicants prior to the interview. To obtain a police records contact the police station nearest you to inquire about the process and the fee involved. We will also ask out students for at least three references. References should be from the following categories: previous landlord, employer, housemates, managers, colleagues, volunteer manager. 

#4  Based on information gathered from the first interviews, we will define the best match for you, and you will be contacted for the second interview this time with our senior and student together. Clear guidelines in regards to house rules are put in place to meet the desires of the senior and the student expectations  will be reviewed. After both parties are in agreement that they would like to HomeShare, the student will have the opportunity to visit the senior’s residence. If both sides agree, we’ll go to the next stage.  

#5  A two week trial period, living with the senior, before making any final decisions. This may be a very good option, as there is no final commitment and it provides a good testing period to see if the living arrangement is a good fit.  

#6  If this is successful, the student will continue the HomeShare. In addition to the weekly follow-up with our seniors, six months after starting the program, we will ask our stakeholders, seniors, students, volunteers to provide us with any feedback and evaluation so that we can improve the process.