With start of pandemic we also started our virtual intergenerational meetings. We start our pilot projects at the Positive Thinkers Group (PTG). PTG is a senior activity group established by self-help author Chuck Gallozzi on September 11, 1999. Every week PTG and H2O Student Volunteers get together for a friendly meeting, respectful discussion and great interaction virtually through ZOOM. They learn from each other and enjoy their time at PTG.
Recently, we started our very own H2O Intergeneration Group Meetings (HIGI). It is a one hour meeting with one speech (10-15 min) followed by a discussion around the topic where all meeting attendees are welcome to comment, ask and answer questions, as well as share their personal experience and knowledge on the topic. The audience are a mixture of H2O young volunteers and older adults.


Vision and Related Disorders

by Samrin Sobahan student at University of Toronto

ABSTRACT:    The machinery of the human visual system was discussed to explain how light information from our environment is translated into neural signals that our brain can process. Various visual neurological disorders were discussed including the types of visual agnosia, synesthesia, and neglect. Finally, the connection between our visual system and our circadian rhythm was discussed in terms of hormone production and the negative effects of blue light during dark hours.

The Future of Meatless Meat

by Diljot Badesha at University of Toronto

INTRODUCTION: Using graphs, the presentation showed the environmental impacts of the meat we eat daily and also mentioned alternatives to eating meat (plant based meat and cell based meats). This presentation was inspired by a documentary I watched back in May on CBC called Meat the Future. 


from our PTG WhatsApp group

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